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Instagram Quiz Generator

Create engaging quizzes for social media with Mysmmai in just 30 seconds.

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Discover Mysmmai's Quiz Examples

social media quiz template generated by mysmmai

What is Quiz Generator?

The Quiz Generator by Mysmmai is a feature of the Mysmmai AI Post Generator that enables you to create interesting trivia quizzes for social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. These quizzes will challenge your audience's knowledge on various subjects. Whether you're looking to educate, entertain, or engage your audience, Mysmmai will create quizzes for your business Instagram accounts based on your business activity. It offers unique design templates and integrates your brand colors.

questions for instagram quiz generated by mysmmai

Benefits of Using Quiz Generator

Using Mysmmai's Quiz Generator provides several advantages:

  • Engagement: Increase audience interaction and retention with quizzes that are fun and captivating.

  • No Research Required: You don't need to research interesting quiz ideas. Just select from the variety of quizzes created by Mysmmai specifically for your business.

  • Ease of Use: A user-friendly interface and pre-defined design themes allow you to create quiz posts in just 30 seconds.

  • For Feed and Stories: Quizzes perform well both in Instagram Stories and feed posts, maximizing reach and interaction.

answers template for social media quiz

Quiz Generator: Examples

Trivia Quiz: Test Your Instagram Knowledge

Question 1: As of 2023, approximately how many monthly active users does Instagram have?

  • A) 500 million

  • B) 1 billion

  • C) 1.5 billion

  • D) 2 billion

Answer: C) 1.5 billion

Question 2: What was the original name of Instagram?

  • A) Burbn

  • B) Picaboo

  • C) Snapster

  • D) Instashare

Answer: A) Burbn

how to generate quiz with mysmmai ai for social media

How to Generate Quiz Posts with Mysmmai:
A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Sign up for Mysmmai Instagram Content Generator.
2. Fill in the questionnaire. 
3. Go to the "Post Creation Tool."
4. Select the "Entertain & Engage" Pillar.
5. Choose "Quiz".
6. Click "Generate."
7. Download the Post.

quiz generator profile image with instagram posts

Discover  Mysmmai

Mysmmai is an AI-enabled platform that generates professional content for your Instagram accounts:​

  • Content Pillars and Topics

  • Single and Carousel Posts

  • SEO-optimized Captions

  • Content Plan and Social Calendar

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