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mysmmai instagram post maker pricing plans

Pricing Plans

Mysmmai offers 3 pricing plans for different stages of business growth. You can always change or cancel your subscription plan.

You purchase a subscription that gives you a certain number of Mysmmai Credits to generate content with Mysmmai. The optimal pricing plan depends on the amount of content you need, regardless of the number of social networks connected.

How much does a post cost?

Single Instagram post (Image + Caption + Hashtags) takes 1 credit

Carousel Post (Images + Captions + Hashtags) takes 2-3 credits. 

You are charged each time you generate or regenerate a post; however, you are not charged for post edits or downloading content from the content pool.

Your credits expire at the end of the month, are non-cumulative, and non-transferable.

To learn more details regarding the pricing policy and reimbursements, check out our Terms of Service.

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