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Instagram Contest Generator

Create Exciting Instagram Contests Easily with Mysmmai.

No Credit Card Required. 50 Free Credits

No Credit Card Required. 50 Free Credits

instagram contest generator

Discover Mysmmai's Instagram Contest Templates

Mysmmai instagram contest template

What is Instagram Contest Generator?

Instagram Contest Generator by Mysmmai is an AI post generator tool designed to help you effortlessly create engaging and interactive contests on Instagram. Mysmmai provides contest ideas tailored to your business and generates Instagram contest posts and captions with rules.

instagram contest post generated with mysmmai ai

Benefits of Using Instagram Contest Generator

Using Mysmmai's Instagram Contest Generator offers several advantages:

  • Engagement: Increase audience interaction and participation with contests tailored to your business.

  • Brand Awareness: Boost visibility and reach new audiences through viral contest entries and shares.

  • Campaign Ideas: Explore diverse contest ideas such as photo challenges, caption competitions, voting-based contests, and more.

  • Easy Setup: Enjoy a user-friendly interface with unique design templates for visually appealing posts.

  • Contest Rules Suggestions: Mysmmai suggests contest rules and conditions that you can adjust based on your needs.

instagram contest rules generated by mysmmai ai post

Instagram Contest Generator: Examples

Explore these example Instagram contest formats:

  • Photo Contest: Encourage followers to submit their best photos related to your brand or theme.

  • Caption Competition: Engage your audience with contests where participants create captions for a given image.

  • Sweepstakes: Run a sweepstakes contest with easy entry requirements and exciting prizes.

generate social media contests with mysmmai

How to Create a Contest 
with Mysmmai:
A Step-by-Step Guide

1. Sign up for Mysmmai Instagram Content Generator.
2. Fill in the questionnaire. 
3. Go to the "Post Creation Tool."
4. Select the "Entertain & Engage" Pillar.
5. Choose "Contest".
6. Click "Generate."
7. Download the Post.

Mysmmai Instagram Post Maker

Discover  Mysmmai

Mysmmai is an AI-enabled platform that generates professional content for your Instagram accounts:​

  • Content Pillars and Topics

  • Single and Carousel Posts

  • SEO-optimized Captions

  • Content Plan and Social Calendar

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