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Instagram Content Plan

Generate a weekly Instagram content plan for your business in just 30 seconds.

No Credit Card Required. 50 Free Credits


The Mysmmai AI IPost Generator creates a content plan for your business's Instagram account, leveraging a strategy based on content pillars approach. It defines relevant topics to activate sales funnel. 

mysmmai collage of ai generated posts with content plan
mysmmai instagram content plan

What is an Instagram
Content Plan?

An Instagram content plan is a strategic framework that outlines the types of content you will post on Instagram, aligned with your business objectives and audience preferences. It includes defining content pillars and a sequence of post topics. It helps businesses plan ahead, maintain a consistent posting schedule, and optimize content for maximum engagement and reach.

example of instagram content plan for business

Why do you need Mysmmai?

  • Strategic Content Pillars: Develop a structured approach to content creation that aligns with your business goals and audience preferences.

  • Automated Precision: Utilize AI to generate precise daily topics and content ideas tailored to your brand, saving time and ensuring consistency.

  • Engagement Optimization: Maximize audience interaction with best practices that enhance post performance and reach.

how to use mysmmai to generate content plan

How Mysmmai Works?

  • Defines Objectives relevant for your business.

  • Establishes Content Pillars: Establish core themes and topics that resonate with your target audience.

  • Generates Topics: Leverages advanced algorithms to suggest relevant and timely content ideas, eliminating guesswork and optimizing impact.

  • Creates Posts: texts and visuals for the selected topics.

content plan generation with ai by mysmmai

How to create a weekly posting plan with Mysmmai

  • Sign up for Mysmmai Instagram Content Generator.

  • Fill in the questionnaire.

  • Go to the "Post Creation Tool."

  • Select "Create Weekly Plan Instead."

  • Press "Generate" and Get ready weekly content plan.

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