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Instagram Marketing Strategy: A Guide for Small Businesses

Updated: Apr 30

Looking to grow your business on Instagram and generate leads? We've crafted this comprehensive Instagram Marketing Strategy Guide to help you understand how Instagram functions and which strategies you need to implement for business growth.

Instagram Marketing Strategy for your business
Instagram Marketing Strategy for your business

What is Instagram Strategy for Business?


Every business aims to attract clients, and Instagram offers a cost-effective means to do so. However, to leverage it effectively, you must understand the rules and define a strategic approach to achieve your business objectives.


Defining Instagram Marketing Strategy


When discussing Instagram Marketing Strategy, people typically refer to content strategy or Instagram posting strategy. However, content marketing is just one piece of the puzzle. We'll explore all the major aspects of Instagram marketing crucial for your Business Instagram Account.


The Essence of Instagram Business Strategy


In a nutshell, to grow your business on Social Media, you need to post consistently, share quality content, and engage with others.


The 7 Pillars of Instagram Marketing Strategy:


Before delving into details, let's outline the key components of Instagram Marketing that you need to consider in creating your Instagram Strategy:


1. Instagram content strategy

2. Instagram engagement strategy

3. Instagram hashtag strategy

4. Instagram Ads strategy

5. Instagram DM strategy

6. Instagram Tools and Automation strategy

7. Collaboration Strategy



1. Instagram Content Strategy:


Your content strategy forms the backbone of your Instagram presence. It guides the content creation process, including the tools and methods for crafting engaging posts that resonate with your audience and drive conversions.


1.1 Content Pillars Strategy: Defining Instagram Post Topics & Ideas


To define Post Topics & discover new ideas for your Business Posts, we recommend using a "content pillars" approach. Content pillars represent buckets of content that you publish every week, akin to columns in a magazine. Once you know your content pillars, it becomes easier to find ideas for your posts and plan your content effectively. You can structure your pillars in a way of “Instagram Marketing Funnel” to ensure you generate leads for your business.


Pro Tip: utilize AI tools like Mysmmai to define relevant Content Pillars for your Business


1.2 Instagram Content Types & Formats


There are three major Instagram content types: Feed Posts, Reels, and Stories. Each serves a different role in your Instagram Strategy, and it's advisable to utilize all three for optimal results. Each content Type has pre-defined content formats you need to use. Check our memo on Instagram Post sizes here.


1.3 Instagram Posting Frequency


Consistent posting is crucial for social media growth, but it doesn't mean you have to post every day. Here are some recommendations for post frequency:


- Regular Post: 3 - 5 times per week

- Carousel Post: 1- 3 times per week

- Stories: 3 - 5 per day

- Reels: 0 - 4 times per month


1.4 Content Scheduling Strategy


Your posting schedule plays a crucial role in your Instagram strategy, determining when your content is seen by your audience. We recommend using Meta Planner for scheduling Feed posts and carousels in advance, and posting Stories directly from your Instagram app for maximum flexibility and reach for your Posts. Meta Planner also suggests best time to post for your business, based on your followers' most active time. Most popular scheduling tools are Buffer, Hootsuite, and Metricool.


1.5 Content Generation Strategy


Once you understand your content needs, develop a strategy to create quality content for your account. Consider options like bulk content generation or AI tools to streamline the content creation process. AI tools, such as Mysmmai Platform, can help automate content creation for your Instagram Business account.


Get 25 Free posts for Free with Mysmmai - content generation tool. no cc required


1.6 Instagram Stories Strategy


Instagram Stories are a powerful tool for engagement and sales. Posting 3-5 Stories per day during weekdays is recommended to stay visible to your followers. Utilize various content sources and interactive elements to enhance engagement. Add stickers or interactive elements to stories to boost engagement and visibility.


1.7 Instagram Reel Strategy


Instagram Reels represent short video formats and are an effective way to reach a wider audience. While not essential, incorporating Reels into your strategy can enhance your Instagram presence. Reels is a tool to get discovered by more people. Before Reels were the only way to grow on Instagram. Now, Reels have the same “weight” as other content formats and you can grow your Business Instagram without doing Reels.


2. Instagram Engagement Strategy


Engaging with your audience is vital for a robust Instagram presence. Spend at least 30 minutes daily engaging with followers, non-followers, and larger accounts to foster meaningful interactions. Tactics include:


- Engaging with followers: responding to comments, interacting with their content.

- Engaging with non-followers: interacting with potential customers' posts.

- Engaging with larger accounts: interacting with competitors' content.


Effective engagement fosters loyalty and builds a strong community.



3. Instagram Hashtag Strategy


While hashtags are less important than before, they still play a role in post discovery. Use relevant hashtags strategically and avoid overuse to enhance discoverability and profile navigation. Hashtags are also important to find you on Instagram, for example if you do Instagram Competition or Giveaway.


4. Instagram Ads Strategy


Instagram Ads are an effective way to accelerate growth, but it's best to start only after building some organic following. Experiment with different ad formats and target audiences to optimize your ad strategy. Start Instagram Ads only after you have built some following and your Instagram Feed has enough posts. Promote existing posts that have most likes (at least 10 – 20 likes). This will show Instagram that the content is interesting and will help to push more at less CPC.


5. Instagram DM Strategy


Direct Messaging on Instagram is crucial for building relationships and sales funnels. Leverage DMs to establish communication with your followers and share valuable resources to encourage conversions. DM automation plays an important role here, discover tools like manychats for it.


6. Instagram Tools and Automation Strategy


To streamline your Instagram efforts, consider using automation tools like Mysmmai for content generation and Meta Planner for scheduling. This allows you to focus on your business while maintaining a consistent Instagram presence. One of the strategies we suggest you is combining Mysmmai Instagram Content Generation tool with Meta Planner.


7. Collaboration Strategy


Collaborations can accelerate your growth by exposing your business to new audiences. Explore both free and paid collaboration opportunities to showcase your business to relevant accounts. Collaborations literally allow you to borrow the audience of another account to showcase your business.




An effective Instagram marketing strategy is essential for business growth. Monitor your strategy's performance regularly and refine it based on insights to drive meaningful results. By leveraging advanced AI technology and following the guidelines outlined in this guide, you can elevate your Instagram presence and drive results for your business.


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Try it now and take your Instagram strategy to the next level! Whether you're an experienced marketeer or just starting, our tool provides all you need to create Content strategy and generate strategic content for you Instagram Business Account.

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