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Mysmmai - AI-powered platform that creates professional content for your Social Media Accounts.

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about us

Your Social Media Marketing AI assistant


Mysmmai is an AI-powered platform that generates professional social media content, both visual and text,  for your Instagram and Facebook Accounts: 

  • Creates visuals, generates images

  • Develops content for reels/stories

  • Writes post texts, captions

  • Recommends # hashtags

Mysmmai also helps you schedule posts at the optimal time. Current version supports Instagram. Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn are coming soon.

Social Media Marketing for Startups, Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Designed specifically for Entrepreneurs, Startups and Small business owners, Mysmmai allows you to grow your Social Media presence, connect with potential customers, and generate leads with minimum time investments (30 minutes average per week) and no prior experience in SMM. 


You don't need to hire an expert in Social Media Marketing with MYSMMAI.

MYSMMAI It is fast and affordable desktop platform & mobile app. Enter a one-line post description and see the magic started! 

Regular content posting, high quality content and relevant hashtags helps you build your audience organically.  




Visual Content Generation

Mysmmai helps you generate beautiful visual content to attract your customers. You can choose  visuals designed by AI based on your own image uploads, use one of the visuals pre-selected for you from stock images and videos or create an image from scracth with the power of AI. 


Writing Captions

Captions are a critical element to ensure your Social Media Post is a success, that is why we suggest you engaging captions, written for you by Mysmmai. You can always correct or change caption while editing your post before publishing it.


Hashtags & Posting

Searching for relevant and  trending # hashtags is important to  make sure your content is visible to your target audience. We suggest optimal hashtags for your post, based on our algorithm and also help you schedule & publish your post at optimal time.

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