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Mysmmai - AI Instagram Content Generation Platform

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about us

Mysmmai is an AI-powered platform that generates professional social media content, both visual and text,  for your Instagram Accounts: 

  • Content Plan and Content Calendar

  • Content Pillars & Topic Suggestions

  • Instagram Post Generation

  • SEO-Optimized Captions

  • Hashtag Recommendations

  • Content Pool

Mysmmai will also help you to schedule posts at the optimal time soon. We will keep you updated on new features.

Social Media Marketing for Startups, Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Designed specifically for Entrepreneurs, Startups and Small business owners, Mysmmai allows you to grow your Social Media presence on Instagram, connect with potential customers, and generate leads with minimum time investments (30 minutes average per week) and no prior experience in SMM. 


You don't need to hire an expert in Social Media Marketing with MYSMMAI.

MYSMMAI It is fast and affordable desktop platform. You need to enter a one-line business description and see the magic started! 

Regular content posting, high quality content and relevant hashtags helps you build your audience organically.  




Instagram Posts Generation

Mysmmai generates Instagram Posts and Carousels for you, designed to help grow your business. You don't have to worry about what to post or how to create attractive designs. If you're seeking diverse content ideas and faceless content, Mysmmai is the perfect fit for you. You have the flexibility to select visuals crafted by AI or use your own image uploads. We offer over 10 designs you can combine or choose from to create your perfect content.


Writing Captions

Captions are a critical element to ensure your Social Media Post is a success, which is why we suggest SEO-optimized, engaging captions written for you by Mysmmai. You can always correct or change captions while editing your post before publishing it.


Content Strategy

With Mysmmai, you can effortlessly create a weekly Content Plan and Content Calendar in just 30 seconds. Our platform analyzes your business to identify the optimal content strategy, offering Post Topics for every day of the week. This curated approach not only boosts awareness and engagement but also generates leads for your business.

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