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Instagram Post Generator

Create strategic content for your business on Instagram in just 30 seconds.

No Credit Card Required. 50 Free Credits

No Credit Card Required. 50 Free Credits

Mysmmai Instagram post generator

Mysmmai - Instagram Post Maker for Your Business

Mysmmai is an AI-enabled platform that generates professional content for your social accounts:​


Your Strategic Instagram Post Generator

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Content Pillars & Post Generation for Social Accounts


5 Steps to Set Up Your Instagram Post Maker

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To get started with Mysmmai’s AI Post Generator, sign up and complete the questionnaire in five easy steps. The most important step is providing a clear and compelling one-line business definition to ensure we create perfect content for your business.

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100% Ready-to-Use Posts

Mysmmai is your go-to Instagram post maker, generating strategic content to grow your business on social media. You don't have to worry about content plans, searching for topics, or creating attractive post designs. If you're seeking interesting ideas and faceless content, Mysmmai is the perfect fit for you. Explore our diverse range of post topics and content formats, including text posts, single posts, and carousels. Mix and match AI-generated images for your business, custom designs with pre-selected stock photos, or upload your own visuals. Choose from over 10 customizable design themes that you can combine or select individually to create your perfect Instagram feed design

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Content Strategy

With Mysmmai, you can effortlessly create a weekly Content Plan and Content Calendar in just 30 seconds. Our Instagram Post Generator analyzes your business to identify the optimal content strategy, defines content pillars, and offers post topics for every day of the week. This curated approach not only boosts awareness and engagement but also generates leads for your business and activates your sales funnel.

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Engaging Topics and Diversity of Content Formats

Creating an engaging content strategy means mixing a variety of topics and post formats. Use educational content with text posts and carousels to drive engagement and boost your post saves and shares. Incorporate interactive content by sharing provocative questions or trivia quizzes. Entertain your audience with jokes and riddles. Promote your business offerings through lead magnets, Instagram ads, or product carousel posts with multiple images. Enhance your brand awareness with giveaways and contests. Let people get to know you and your business with company-related posts, such as "Our Mission" or "Value Proposition.

AI caption generator

Captions are a critical element to ensure your social media post is a success, which is why the Mysmmai Instagram Post Generator provides SEO-optimized, engaging captions with hooks and call-to-actions tailored to your content. Our AI-generated captions are designed to boost your visibility and engagement, making your posts more effective. You can easily edit or change the captions while editing your post before publishing, ensuring they perfectly match your brand's voice and message.


to activate your marketing funnel.

AI post generator for engaging social media content

To activate your sales funnel with Mysmmai, utilize our Instagram post maker by following a content pillar approach. Start by setting up a well-structured posting schedule that includes at least one topic from each of the four content pillars every week. This strategic method ensures that your content is diverse and engaging, helping to effectively drive your audience through the sales funnel.


select the optimal pricing plan for your business to grow

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Start growing your business followers by spending just 15 minutes per week to create and schedule posts with the Mysmmai Instagram Post Generator.

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